Hello there and welcome to my blog Chickstravelflicks!


Im an Indian ‘Chick’.  My husband is Swiss.  And our cat is a black and white moggie, called Indira.

I write stories about our life, in particular about the things I’ve experienced as a brown woman married to a white guy. It’s a travel blog of sorts, because every day is a voyage into the unknown.

- First you get mistaken for his prostitute at an international border.
- Then you get married and get a cat.
- Then you start worrying about how you eat.
- Then he decides to get a pilot’s license.
- The he gets the pilot’s license.
- And before you know it you’re being chatted up three inebriated and highly entertaining old men in Scotland
… while trying to convince people why Sonia Gandhi isn’t the only common point between Indians and Italians.


  I hope you enjoy what you read here and don’t forget to tell all your ‘peeps’ about it.